Just wanted to say thank you to the Jerry Clark Foundation and it’s wonderful staff.

I have a foster child who has never had a father figure in his life. He is still raving about the wonderful people there and what a great time he had at the baseball camp. Please know that I have found me a new cause to donate to and will encourage other mothers and fathers to do the same. If it’s ever anything I can do for this organization in the future, you can count me in.
- Robin Goudy

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you so much for hosting this baseball camp.

One of the kids told me."Coach, I did not not know that baseball could be this fun." You guys did a great job!
Thank You
- Chevonne Mousinho

Just wanted to say thank you for allowing the group from Princeton Elementary School to participate in the camp today.

My son learned a lot and he apparently had a lot of fun because he has not stopped talking about the camp. You all did a great thing for the community and we look forward to attending more of your events!
- Wesley Goggins, CYSA
Executive Director
The Free Play Foundation for Youth Sports

I just wanted to say thank you for this weekend at your baseball camp. my son had a wonderful time.

That was his 1st ever exposure to any type of sports and he really seemed to enjoy it, most importantly he learned some valuable life lessons.  To your staff, the volunteers and athletes, I appreciate it.
- Derek Jurand

Thanks so much for a wonderful time. my son really enjoyed himself and I was so blessed that he got chosen for the Tom Gordon baseball camp.

I pray that you guys will continue to  do something like this for the young boys. exspecially the boys that don't have a father to teach them as my son. thanks sooo much.
- Quavadis Hoskins

Thank you again, for all that you've done for our son and family.

This is a life changing opportunity for our son that we wouldn't been able to give him without your assistants. Thank you and your family for all your hard work and sacrifice.
- C. Smith

Great job Man. I really respect and appreciate what you are doing in the community.

I know this weekend took a lot out of you, but this was the best baseball camp I've been around. I just want to build you back up. Big props to you and may God stretch more in your life journey.
- T. Bowens